This challenge is organized in the spirit of cooperative scientific progress. We, therefore, ask anybody using this website to respect the rules below.

The following rules apply to those who register a team and download the data:

  • The downloaded datasets or any data derived from the provided datasets, may not be given or redistributed under any circumstances to persons not belonging to the registered team;

  • All information entered when registering a team, including the name of the contact person, the affiliation (institute, organization or company the team's contact person works for) and the e-mail address must be complete and correct. In other words, anonymous registration is not allowed;

  • The data downloaded from this website must primarily be used for preparing an entry to be submitted to this challenge. The data may not be used for other purposes in scientific studies and may not be used to train or develop other algorithms, including but not limited to algorithms used in commercial products, without prior participation in this challenge;

  • Evaluation of results uploaded to this website will be made publicly available on this site, and by submitting results, you grant us permission to publish our evaluation. Participating teams maintain full ownership and rights to their method. We do not claim any ownership or rights to the algorithms;

  • To participate in the challenge and have your results visible on this website it is mandatory to submit a paper to the organizers explaining your algorithm;

  • A maximum of 3 submissions is allowed for each team. Multiple submissions are only allowed when the utilized algorithm differs significantly from the algorithm used in the first submission (e.g. new submission when only the hyper-parameters of the algorithm is changed is not allowed). The second and third submissions must be accompanied by a new abstract or a short description of the difference of the method from the previous submissions;

  • If the results of algorithms in this challenge are to be used in scientific publications (journal publications, conference papers, technical reports, presentations at conferences and meetings) you must make an appropriate citation to the results of this challenge published in the Journal of American Medical Association;

  • Teams must notify the organizers of the challenge about any publication that is (partly) based on the results data published on this site, in order for us to maintain a list of publications associated with the challenge;

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need clarification regarding the rules of the challenge.